When God saves His people, He does not leave them in isolation. Rather, He places them into the body of Christ and they are to participate with the other members. The members of the church are not all the same. God has designed the church in such a way that […]

How you can Benefit the Church

It would be unwise to leave all your money or valuables on your front door mat. Why is that? Such an act is an open invitation for people to take that which you deem precious. It really is no surprise that security and safety are very important to us. Money […]

The Believer’s Eternal Security

Physical death is the separation of the soul from the body. Losing a loved one is a horrible tragedy. The excruciating experience of loss will result in grief, which is that normal process in which an individual displays sorrow and anguish as a result of loss. It is a painful […]

The Christian and Death

  Most scholars of antiquity agree that Jesus Christ was an historical figure, yet not all are in agreement concerning His identity. It is without question that no other individual has had such an impact on the world. It is estimated that there are over two billion people in the […]

Plain Proof Jesus is the Son of God

Under Attack
The attacks on marriage are manifold and they strike at marriage in many different ways. There are attacks that occur in someone’s life before marriage (premarital sex and cohabitation). There are attacks that happen within a marriage (adultery and divorce). There are attacks that happen in both (pornography). And there are attacks […]

Marriage Under Attack: Pornography, Premarital Sex and Cohabitation

Bride and Groom
Marriage is under attack. Of course this is not hot off the press news. Since God first instituted marriage back in , the institution of marriage has been criticised and contorted by many. There are those who verbally mock the institution, others will sabotage it and some have tried to redefine it. 2:1 Thus the […]

Marriage Under Attack

What is marriage? From the earliest chapters of Scripture along with others we learn that marriage was created and instituted by God. Marriage became a part of this world by means of Divine design and definition. Scripture is clear that it was between a man and a woman with the […]

What is Marriage?

Over the years there have many ideas and beliefs concerning what heaven will be like. Sadly, many of these are based on someone’s experience, desire or some TV commercial. As a result of this, some of the descriptions have been bizarre and frankly unbiblical. Well, can we answer the question, what […]

The Glory of Heaven