Searching for Satisfaction
It is a natural desire for people to seek and search for satisfaction. A baby cries for milk because he or she wants to be satisfied. What do people pursue in order to be satisfied? Here are just a few things that many strive to obtain so as to be […]

The Search for Satisfaction

True Friends
With the invention of social media, various networks create the opportunity for people to connect in all sorts of amazing ways. Friends, family and acquaintances are able to interact in ways that may not be possible due to distance or other restrictions. With many positives, one dangerous thing about this […]

How to Identify True Friends

Why I Love Going to Church
I am really excited about the first day of the week. As Sunday morning and evening comes by my family gets ready and we go to church. Going to church ought not to be a mere routine or something to fill in time. Going to church ought to be an […]

Why I Love Going to Church

Bad News/Good News
Do you want to hear the bad news or the good news? It is important that we hear both and until you are recused from the bad news you cannot celebrate the good news.

Celebrating the Good News of the Gospel

Love Recovered
© Thomas Kinkade ~ Streams of Living Water Out of His great love for this church that abandoned their first love, the Lord Jesus offers the solution to their problem. This is a great act of grace and reveals to us His great care and concern for His bride (cf. ). […]

Love Recovered

Love aandoned 1
  © pixel974 – Love is a very important truth taught in the Scriptures. John wrote the profound words “God is love” () and this great love of God was put on most beautiful display when the Lord Jesus Christ died on the cross as a substitute for His […]

Love Abandoned

With all this talk about love and relationships on Valentine’s day, what about those who are single? Does the Bible say anything about this? The Internet is filled with various “helps” for singles meeting singles. Among many in society and the church there appears to be this false notion that […]

Singleness and Valentine’s Day

The fact that you are reading this is a sign that you are in existence. Why do you exist instead of not existing? That is a really important question, and your answer to that question will influence the way you view and live your life. You are here, but why […]

The Significance of Human Life

Achievement that comes as the result of learning is truly an amazing thing. Think about the moment a baby is able to actually guide a spoon into their mouth after many failed and messy attempts. Up until this point, the baby has managed to get food in almost every place […]

The Lordship of Christ and Education