In my previous post in this series I looked at the methods of false teachers. In this post, my focus will be on the marks of false teachers. What does a false teacher look like? It is important to note that they are not going to be up front and […]

Unmasking False Teachers – Part 2

The question in one way or another has been asked many times, “If God is sovereign, why should I pray?” This question is asked because many struggle with the fact that when we say God is sovereign, we are affirming that He in His eternal counsel has determined all things […]

Why Should I Pray?

Mother and Child
This Sunday is Mother’s Day. This special occasion serves as an important reminder concerning the importance and influence of motherhood. As we look back in history, it is clear that we all come from a long line of mums. Sadly, the value of this great status is undervalued by many.

Celebrating Mother’s Day

Brick Wall
With amazement we often study towering saints of old that wrought great influence to the glory of God. How was it that they were able to move men and mountains in often short lifetimes? John MacArthur has, by far, been my greatest influence and in 17 years I have virtually memorised 400 GTY sermons. […]

A Fervent Man

One of the common conversations taking place in back seat of my car is a discussion between my children asking, “What does that road sign mean?” One of the very interesting signs you see on the road is warning signs. Warning signs on the road are important because they help regulate […]

Unmasking False Teachers – Part 1

Don't Look
It does not take long to notice that we are surrounded and bombarded with things pertaining to sexual sin. This reality places us in the midst of a battle that is not easy at all. We not only have to face daily temptations from within our own minds, but we […]

The Discipline of not Looking   Recently updated !

God, that cannot lie, hath given sufficient assurance to the world that Jesus Christ His Son, the Son of His love and Son by office, to reconcile and recover the world unto himself. He testified therefore the truth and divine origin of the Christian religion and that it is the […]

The Privilege and Stability of the Real Christian

chains and prison 2
Among other things, hatred, hardship and hostility have beaten against the people of God throughout history. The Bible makes it clear that in the Christian life these things are inescapable on this side of glory. Way back in we learn about the hatred Cain displayed towards his brother Abel. This hatred […]

The Persecution of the People of God   Recently updated !

Prophecy - Cross
The death of the Lord Jesus Christ was no accident. The Old Testament is filled with many types and prophecies looking to the event in which the Messiah will be crucified. One of these prophecies which stands out with clear and powerful language is . This passage was full filed […]

The Prophecy of the Cross