The Beatitudes
The persecuted for righteousness suffer for any just cause, and will be rejected by the world, but God’s kingdom belongs to them. To this motley crew the world says “away with them” and God agrees with the world. But He intends them for the kingdom of heaven, where their reward is great.

Bonhoeffer on The Beatitudes

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I just returned from seven weeks in Vancouver, Canada. (No, I'm not going to comment on the fact that Melbourne outdid Vancouver once again for being recognised as the "most liveable city in the world".) But I have to say, if good manners and politeness factored into this evaluation, I don't think Melbourne would stand a chance.

Whatever happened to good manners?

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Our Pastor has made it a high priority that we actively pursue and create opportunities to tell others about Jesus. He has taken the focus off us and redirected it to the proclamation of the good news about Jesus to those not now part of our church - to friends, working colleagues, neighbours, and family members who are outside the family of God.

BEHAVIOURAL CHANGE – be careful who you point your finger ...

© Arto – Excerpted from the Focus on the Family broadcast “Friendship or Flirtation: Danger Signs for Couples” featuring the Rev. Dave Carder. 19 Dangerous Behaviors Saving topics of conversation for your “special friend.” Sharing spousal difficulties with your friend (e.g., “My husband (or wife) never … “). Allowing the […]

What Adulterers Want You to Know About Protecting Your Marriage

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We normally don't require any strategy for talking about things about which we are passionate. Most of us could go on infinitum about our favorite sports team. We are not trying to land a 'knock-out punch' here, or close the sale. That's God's job. So why not simply tell others, "One thing I do know, that though I was blind, now I see."? (John 9:25). There is nothing as effective as a personal testimony!


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Are they crazy? No – they are not crazy. They are simply reflecting the depravity of human nature without God. Their perverted thinking is what we should expect from people who live without the constraints of Christian influence, indeed without any apparent awareness of God, the creator of life (John 1:3).

Are They Crazy?