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Hanukah occurs in December (Dec 20 this year). I think that Hanukah has become a modern Jewish substitute for Christmas (presents are given). Originally this festival celebrates the Maccabees’ defeat of the Greeks in 165 BC. The Greeks had stopped the sacrifices at the Temple. They were oppressing God’s people and trying to bring an end to God’s one true religion. But the Maccabees trusted in God and defeated their enemies. It was just like the time of the Judges and other Old Testament events when God defeated the enemies of his people.


Hanukah and Christmas

listening to the sermon
Here is an excerpt from a fantastic article from The Briefing on preaching sermons and listening to sermons entitled: “The dilemma of preaching and hearing God’s word” by Peter Greenwood.  The whole article can be read here. “How do we ‘hear’ a sermon, as opposed to merely being entertained by one? […]

Listening to the Sermon

Thinking Theologically
Photo by Jacob Bøtter. Used under the Creative Commons license. Recently I preached a sermon on Jesus’ death, as part of our doctrinal series on the gospel.  At one point I explained four different models of the atonement.  All four models come from the Bible.  First, Jesus’ death is an example […]

Thinking Theologically

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Religious rules won’t help us live for Christ and put sin to death. But if we focus on Jesus, on things above, we will be able to put sin to death and live to please God (Col. 3:1-4). So we are to set our minds on things above: on Jesus. We are to put to death earthly things, such as rules and our sins!

Headings in the Bible