Contemporary Issues

Today there are many tools and methods used in Christian ministry. Some are very helpful whereas others are very unhelpful. Sadly, many of these are designed to appeal to the desires of people. This method is often referred to as being “Seeker Sensitive”. Obviously we don’t ever want to use methods […]

Successful Christian Ministry

Bride and Groom
Marriage is under attack. Of course this is not hot off the press news. Since God first instituted marriage back in , the institution of marriage has been criticised and contorted by many. There are those who verbally mock the institution, others will sabotage it and some have tried to redefine it. 2:1 Thus the […]

Marriage Under Attack

Searching for Satisfaction
It is a natural desire for people to seek and search for satisfaction. A baby cries for milk because he or she wants to be satisfied. What do people pursue in order to be satisfied? Here are just a few things that many strive to obtain so as to be […]

The Search for Satisfaction

Broken Vision 1
UPDATE: Just two days after the announcement, World Vision (US) have reversed their decision to hire same-sex couples. Praise be to our Lord. Important lessons can be learnt from this and the importance of maintaining strong Biblical convictions so that we are not moved by our culture. Earlier this week, World Vision […]

Worldly Vision

The Internet is filled with various “helps” for singles meeting singles. Among many in society and the church there appears to be this false notion that there is something wrong with being single. This false notion leads to an obsession where people try to mix and match people while disregarding […]

A Word to those who are Single I: Concerning Singleness

Second Coming
As we approach a New Year, in the midst of many new year’s resolutions and commitments, as the people of God let us be resolved to remember the return of the King. The Bible promises on many occasions that the King, the Lord Jesus Christ, the eternal Son of God is […]

Remember the Return of the King