Unmasking False Teachers – Part 2


In my previous post in this series I looked at the methods of false teachers. In this post, my focus will be on the marks of false teachers. What does a false teacher look like? It is important to note that they are not going to be up front and say “I’m a false teacher and I’m here to deceive you!” All of God’s people need to be on guard and employ godly discernment. The Bible is filled with warnings concerning false prophets, teachers and shepherds. These troublemakers are influential and are in churches and many are writing “Christian” books. The prophet Ezekiel warned, Continue reading Unmasking False Teachers – Part 2

Unmasking False Teachers – Part 1


One of the common conversations taking place in back seat of my car is a discussion between my children asking, “What does that road sign mean?” One of the very interesting signs you see on the road is warning signs. Warning signs on the road are important because they help regulate our driving activity, but they also inform us of a potential danger so that we can be protected.


As you take time to read the Scriptures you will come across many warnings signs. One of a regular warning signs that appear and you cannot miss is a warning concerning false teaching. Have you ever noticed how much of the Scripture is devoted to warning again false prophets, false teachers and false shepherds? These warnings assume the fact that there will be individuals in the church who are going to claim to be Christians and authorized teachers.


Just as we ought to be thankful for clear warning signs on the road, we ought to be especially grateful and familiar with the warning signs in Scripture. They are there to help regulate our thinking and warn us against impending danger. In my next two posts I will discuss the methods of a false teacher and the marks of a false teacher. Continue reading Unmasking False Teachers – Part 1