Recommended Reading (10 August 2015)

Recommended Reading

WHERE ARE THE MEN? By Conrad Mbewe

This is a must read for all men. Conrad points out the areas where men a refusing to stand up and be men. In this post he says, “I am asking where the men are in the families, in the churches, and in the nation. To be sure, I can see many of the male species in all these spheres but what irks me is that so few of them seem to be rising to the calling that God has given to them as men in society.” Continue reading Recommended Reading (10 August 2015)

The Glory of Heaven


Over the years there have many ideas and beliefs concerning what heaven will be like. Sadly, many of these are based on someone’s experience, desire or some TV commercial. As a result of this, some of the descriptions have been bizarre and frankly unbiblical. Well, can we answer the question, what is Heaven like?


In order to answer this question our attention must be directed toward Scripture. It is only there where we can find a reliable and truthful portrait of this glorious place.


When it comes to this topic the Bible is not silent. In-fact, there are many passages Continue reading The Glory of Heaven