The day after the death and burial of Jesus, the chief priests and Pharisees gathered before Pilate worried that the disciples’ may steal the body. So Pilate ordered soldiers to guard the tomb (). However, nothing was going to get in the way of what happened early that Sunday morning […]

The Power of the Resurrection

Jesus is God
When it comes to the identity of Jesus there have been much debate and controversy throughout history. Even at the time of His earthly ministry there were many views and suggestions concerning who He was (). Debates have raged throughout the centuries and even today people continue to hold to […]

Implications of the Deity of Christ

Myths and genealogies
We need to remember that a church’s doctrine is not to be limited to their current situation. We are to recognize that we stand in line with centuries of historical truth. Every church potentially is less than a generation away from compromise, so it is essential that we know how […]

Guarding Against Departure of Doctrine

Doctrine is important2
The word doctrine will create various responses from people. Some think controversy, legalism, or truth and for some they are just indifferent to the word! What is doctrine? When it comes to defining doctrine I am talking about Christian doctrine, which is a body of belief or teaching that is […]

Why is Doctrine Important?

Written by Pastor Andrew Courtis A few weeks ago it was my privilege to finish a verse-by-verse exposition of Paul’s first letter to Timothy. I would like to share some key points and lessons I have learnt from this great letter. But first,a brief introduction. The first letter of Paul […]

Four Lessons from 1st Timothy

    Christian, what  place does the Lord Jesus Christ have in your life? Many have given a common answer indicating the order of priority, “Christ is first” and then they add, “my family is second, and the church is third”. Now I understand what most people mean they say […]

Christ first, Family second, Church third – Really?