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When God designed marriage, He designed marriage to be the arena in which the Christian displays the glory of God by adhering to His design. Such an action will result in benefits that extend beyond the marital union. Marriage is under attack. Christian, it is your duty to affirm it by practising it according to God's word!

Outcomes of Ignoring God’s Blueprint for Marriage

Television and society in general are attacking what God holds as precious. In addition to this attack and mockery, the world is promoting an alternative lifestyle. It is suggested that you don’t need to get married to have fun and be a family.

Why Marriage is Important?

Give Them A Voice
God says we are not to murder. There are about 250 babies killed by medical professionals in Australia . . . each day. That equates to 80,000-90,000 abortions a year. In Australia. Modern, civilised, "progressive" Australia. Our nation, is complicit in the murders the most helpless and vulnerable in our society. God have mercy!

Abortion and Animal Rights

At one of our church’s recent corporate prayer meeting, we prayed for our nation. We prayed that the government would not legalise gay marriage, that the horrific practise of abortion would cease. More broadly, we prayed that our nation’s slide toward paganism would be slowed. Why do we pray for […]

Why should we pray against gay marriage?

Are they crazy?
Are they crazy? No – they are not crazy. They are simply reflecting the depravity of human nature without God. Their perverted thinking is what we should expect from people who live without the constraints of Christian influence, indeed without any apparent awareness of God, the creator of life (John 1:3).

Are They Crazy?