What is the Church?


The word “church” means different things to different people. The church is an ornate building to some. To others it is a holy huddle of religious people. Some believe the church is seen in the lives of people in their communities and neighborhoods. Some view it as a house of hypocrites. Some even suggest that it is an entertainment center. Well then, what is the church? In the New Testament, the word “church” is from the Greek term ekklesia, which means “an assembly” or “a congregation”. Continue reading What is the Church?

Is that all church is to you – just a conditioned response – just a habit?

I won’t be posting this for a few days, but here are my thoughts from last Sunday morning.

Our home is located not far from a church that rings its bells 15 minutes prior to the commencement of worship and then again 2Pavlov's Dog minutes before. We don’t normally have an opportunity to hear the second set clarion because we have used the first to get us in our car to make the five minute drive to the church we previously attended.

However, our decision to be involved in the establishment of Hills Bible Church has meant that we no longer attend our previous church. And our worship services at Hills are currently held Sunday afternoons rather than during the traditional morning time slot. So now we hear both sets of church bells.

Perhaps it’s a Pavlov’s Dog thing. Every time we hear the church bells ring, we have a desire to get in our car and drive to church.

Is that all church is to us – just a conditioned response – just a habit? Is “church’ simply something we’ve done since childhood and we don’t know how else to fill our Sundays? Continue reading Is that all church is to you – just a conditioned response – just a habit?