Book Review: “William Tyndale” by Brian Moynahan

William Tyndale: If God Spare My Life
, by Brian Moynahan, Abacus, 2003.

William Tyndale was a pioneering Bible translator, whose work on the English Bible indirectly became 84 percent of the King James Version. Tyndale was converted to Lutheranism after studying at Cambridge – in fact he arrived at Cambridge one year before Martin Luther nailed his 95 Theses to the Wittenberg castle church door. His conversion to what was commonly known as the “evangelical” faith led him to leave England in order to translate the Word of God into English, from the original languages.

Once he left England, his work became infamous, and Tyndale himself became a wanted fugitive. The story of his life is one of hiding, working under cover of disguise and intrigue, and releasing his work into England from the Continent. His writings included direct attacks on the papacy, the clergy, commentaries, and treatises on King Henry VIII’s marriage issues. His greatest work was his Continue reading Book Review: “William Tyndale” by Brian Moynahan

Does Roman Catholicism teach much the same as Protestant churches these days?

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I’ve been trying to write blog pieces that are not too controversial. Oh well… ☺

Often in churches I have attended, Evangelical Christians are starting to say things along the lines that Roman Catholics are basically Christian, are the same as us, and the differences don’t amount to much these days. Is this true?

I am sure we would like to ‘get on’ with everyone around us and avoid conflict. And I am sure we are to love our Roman Catholic friends. Furthermore I would make a distinction between Roman Catholic teaching and Roman Catholic people. We may disagree with Roman Catholic teachings, but we are to love those who are under its influence. Nevertheless many Evangelicals today, I fear, are grossly ignorant of what Roman Catholicism (RC) actually teaches. RC may have watered down its beliefs in the last few decades, but those beliefs are still basically the same.

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