Book Review: “Commentary on Matthew” By C. H. Spurgeon

Commentary on Matthew: The Gospel of the Kingdom
(Banner of Truth).

The name Charles Haddon Spurgeon is familiar to many. Whether one has benefited from his Morning and Evening readings, his written sermons, his Treasury of David or perhaps simply heard some memorable quote, most would agree that he certainly has and continues to be positively influential. Spurgeon was born in 1834, converted at the age of 16 and commenced his pastoral ministry in 1851. Nicknamed the prince of preachers, Spurgeon was a faithful herald of the gospel of Jesus Christ. A warrior for the truth and a fisherman for souls, he was a man who was used for the glory of God. After many struggles against those who propagated error and with personal issues of health, Spurgeon died and went to be with the Lord on 31 January 1892.

This is a newly typeset edition of Spurgeon’s commentary on the Gospel according to Matthew. This volume is a precious jewel among the Continue reading Book Review: “Commentary on Matthew” By C. H. Spurgeon