One step back, two steps forward, trusting God

At Hills Bible Church we believe in expository preaching.  We preach verse by verse, chapter by chapter, book by book through the Bible.  We have preached through several minor prophets in the last year (Haggai, Zephaniah, Malachi), but have mainly focused on 1 Corinthians.  We believe that by preaching systematically through the Bible that God sets the agenda, not ourselves.  All sorts of topics come up that we might otherwise not preach about.

It’s been fascinating.  1 Corinthians raises all manner of topics and many have been controversial.  We have looked at sex, including questions like how often a married couple should have sex; legalism and license: whether a Christian should drink alcohol or smoke; women in ministry; and now speaking in tongues.  We would not have tackled these topics, I think, unless we were systematically preaching through the Bible. Continue reading One step back, two steps forward, trusting God