Manly, Rugged Love

Jeff Weddle writes:

The whole notion of giving up your will for someone else seems very weird to us. Seems impossible even. But the notion is that of love–giving up your will for someone else’s. The problem with “love” is that it sounds very sissy like. “Love is for girls.”

It is a definite manly desire to have adventures, to do new things, to take risks and be a rebel, not always following the way of everyone else. That’s manhood in a nut shell. Love–giving up your will for that of another–fulfills all of that. If we were to carry out love as the Bible defines it, we would live a life of constant adventure, never knowing what is next, not following the way of the world which is to do your own thing for your own reason. Doing another’s will is actually rebellious in our age! Continue reading Manly, Rugged Love