A Church of All Sorts


One of the things I love about the church is the variety of its members. You will meet brothers and sisters who have walked with the Lord for many years and others who are newly converted. There are people from different ethnic backgrounds and personality types. The church is made up of all sorts. For this reason, a church is not to exclude people because of their age, personality or appearance. A healthy church will be a place in which redeemed people from various ages and stages in life (according to the Word of God) are welcome to fellowship and worship the Lord.  Continue reading A Church of All Sorts

How to Identify True Friends

True Friends

With the invention of social media, various networks create the opportunity for people to connect in all sorts of amazing ways. Friends, family and acquaintances are able to interact in ways that may not be possible due to distance or other restrictions. With many positives, one dangerous thing about this is the way the word “friend” has become cheapened in this process. In a single click somebody you don’t know or barely know becomes your “friend”. This list of “friends” can become huge before you know it. I understand the value and benefits of social networks, but we need to make sure that as Christians we don’t allow important things like friendship to be cheapened, redefined or even hijacked. Continue reading How to Identify True Friends

Biblical Bromance

‘I love you, man.

I love you, too, bud.

I love you, dude.

I love you, Bro Montana.

I love you, holmes.

I love you, Broseph Goebbels.

I love you, muchacha.

I love you, Tycho Brohe.’

I Love You, Man (2009, Dreamworks)

Its an unwritten yet universally followed rule that one guy can’t say ‘I love you.’ to another guy Continue reading Biblical Bromance