Do you Serve in Ministry?

ServeWhen is comes to serving the Lord in ministry, this is a concept that many have got wrong. Many are asked, “Are you serving in the church?” or “Do you have a ministry?” Usually, the person asking this question is looking for an answer like, “sure, I’m in the music team” or “yeah, I’m an usher”. Granted, these are valuable and important ministry opportunities in the church, however ministry extends much further than these public roles.

It is true, that if you are a Christian you ought to be serving in ministry. However, that ministry does not have to be a public role or one listed in the church bulletin. You don’t need to go Bible College or seminary and you don’t even need a title. All you need to do is serve. Someone may ask, “What is my ministry?” Well, if you are doing what the Lord has commanded you to do, you are in the ministry. It might not be a formal ministry task or the function of a church officer, but it is still ministry. You may be a mother, and you love and nurture your children – that is one of your ministries. You may be committed to praying for the members of your church – that is one of your ministries. The point I want to make is that if Continue reading Do you Serve in Ministry?