What’s in a Church Mission Statement?

Hills Bible Church is a very young church. We started planning in February 2009. Commencing in May of that year, a small group of men and women began meeting in private homes to worship and in November of the same year, having outgrown private homes, we commenced worship in our current location.

One of the primary reasons Hills Bible Church came into being was our concern over the tendency in many churches to accept a fairly low level of Biblical literacy. Though many church programs covered a wide range of interests, the theological knowledge of their members was minimal. Bible teaching was poor to non-existant and many churches were more concerned with social justice than they were the gospel.

Hills Bible Church was founded in an effort to counteract this trend. Our Mission Statement summarises this well. It appears under our blog Masthead (above) and is elaborated below.

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We’re Not Meant to Live in the Doorway

*Guest post by Richard DeVeau*

I’m worried about the church.

Not this particular church here in Australia, the broader church.

In particular, the church in the US, where I live.

It seems the largest Christian movement in the 21st century is the seeker-friendly church. Some 40,000 churches in the US already follow this model. And about 400,000 pastors have attended seeker-friendly growth seminars.

Now, you may be asking yourself, so what’s wrong with reaching the unsaved for Christ? Isn’t this the great commission? Well, yes and no.

In Matthew 28:19 Jesus said, “Go and make disciples of all nations.”  Disciples are not just converts, they are maturing followers of Christ.

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