Concerning the Conscience

2Good Conscience

Despite the efforts of many to ignore bad behaviour by suppressing or explaining away guilt, it is important for us to be asking questions like, “why am I feeling guilty” or “why am I filled with shame?” By asking such questions we are attempting to get to the source of problems rather than simply shifting the blame and thus ignoring the problem. Continue reading Concerning the Conscience

Should I Take The Lord’s Supper?

Should I Take The Lord's Supper?

There is a heresy that permeates evangelical churches. It is connected to fellow heresies; legalism and works-righteousness. It is ugly, and disturbs me whenever I see it occurring in our church. It is the heresy of not taking the Lord’s Supper. (Dum dum duummmmmm.)

I have seen this heresy in all of the churches I have been a regular attendee. People (evidently) think that because they are sinners they cannot take the bread and wine. Continue reading Should I Take The Lord’s Supper?