The Lordship of Christ and Education


Achievement that comes as the result of learning is truly an amazing thing. Think about the moment a baby is able to actually guide a spoon into their mouth after many failed and messy attempts. Up until this point, the baby has managed to get food in almost every place you can imagine except for their mouth! But after trial and error, the baby finally learns. Another example is to think about the sense of achievement that comes when a school child is able to read and write. This is an amazing thing to observe. Continue reading The Lordship of Christ and Education

Don’t be Complacant

I read where a school principle in the US was required to publicly apologise for reading a poem to his students that criticised the state’s law that prohibited the mention of God in public schools. One wonders why he apologised. He must have known it would cause flack. If he had the courage to read it – why didn’t he have the courage to say no to an apology? Continue reading Don’t be Complacant