Redefining Marriage is Unbiblical

The fracas around the impending redefinition of marriage in Australia has been escalating at a great rate. A private members bill is likely to be put forward in federal parliament in the near future redefining the definition of marriage. If passed, it will mean that marriage will include the legal union of two people of the same sex. Martin has already addressed the issue briefly on this blog with regards to the obvious cascade effect towards polygamous marriage. This is a very important issue, with wide-ranging consequences, and one which the Church should be deeply concerned about, and more actively combating. Distressingly, much of the church is silent on the issue, and many churches are pro-gay marriage (including 10 Baptist Union of Victoria churches).

Further controversy was caused by Margaret Court, recently. She is a former tennis champion, and church pastor, who spoke out against homosexual marriage and has copped a barrage of criticism. Obviously everyone is allowed Continue reading Redefining Marriage is Unbiblical