After dinner, I decided to drive up to our local digital photo developer to have a batch of vacation pictures printed. I looked forward to seeing the over 150 pictures that I had selected. They were reminders of a great vacation with old friends as we toured the New England States. My spirits were high as I recalled this happy time together.

But as I came over the rise in the road I was confronted with a ghastly scene.Death

There on the road ahead of me, in the oncoming lane, was the body of a motorcyclist lying on the road. The ambulance attendants and police officers were covering his body with a white sheet, but underneath I could still see the outline of a young man whose life had suddenly come to an end. The road was completely blocked off. In the darkness of the night, emergency lights from at least six vehicles were flashing out their unsynchronized mournful message, “Stay away – someone has died here!”
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