Spiritual Growth

What is a struggling single? This is a single person that desires to marry but hasn’t found any prospects. Know and understand that the desire to marry is good because marriage is good (cf. ). Marriage is the oldest institution in the history of the world and is a Divinely […]

A Word to those who are Single V: Struggling Singles

Back in , Moses gave the Israelites the mandates for their inheritance of the land of Canaan. There were specific things that they were to do. They were to eliminate their enemies () because they opposed the holiness of God. Though these enemies were in the land, they were to […]

Resources for Spiritual Growth – Part 1

At times the Christian does get discouraged and become despondent. They have not lost their faith, as this was a divinely given gift. However, their faith can be weakened and therefore in need of strengthening. The child of God at times will have “little faith” () and ought to desire to […]

How to Strengthen your Faith

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Temptation to sin is a struggle all of us experience. Sadly, a natural tendency of people is to shift the blame away from themselves. In doing so, they wrongly diagnose the problem and ignore the symptoms and therefore don’t receive the biblical solution. In this brief post, I want to […]

Dealing with Temptation

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© auremar – Fotolia.com In reading through Andrew’s recent blogs on identifying sin and replacing it with righteous and pure thoughts and actions, I am reminded of and the critical need to support and encourage one another in our walk with Christ. Thank God we are not to walk this […]

Comforting Others as God has Comforted us