An interview with Pastor Andrew Courtis

In recent weeks, Hills Bible Church has welcomed a new full time pastor: Andrew Courtis. Andrew arrived in Melbourne with his family in early August. Readers will have noted the blog contribution from Andrew a matter of days ago, and I thought it would be appropriate to introduce Andrew by way of interviewing him. After speaking at length with his agent, and finally negotiating a fee and a 10 minute slot, I sat down with Andrew and lived up to my reputation as a hard-nut interrogator.** The results are below.

Welcome to the Hills Bible Church blog, Andrew. You’re new here! Where have you come from?

Thanks Simon. We are new! As a family (married to Di with three children) we have recently moved from Sydney where I served as associate Pastor of St Johns Park Baptist Church and interim pastor of Smithfield Baptist Church. Prior to that, I ministered at Grace Community Bible Church in the south-eastern suburbs of Melbourne. Continue reading An interview with Pastor Andrew Courtis