The Shocking Truth About Abortion in Australia

I can keep silent no longer.

I’m amazed at how mute many, if not most evangelical churches in Australia are about the tragedy of abortion. It’s akin to many Christians in Germany who, after the Second World War, stated that they new nothing of the extermination of six million Jews right under their noses.

I’ve started conversation with fellow Christians about the abortion issue in Australia. Most respond uncomfortably about the subject and it’s clear they would rather not talk about it. When I point out that we live in a state that is reported to have the most draconian abortion laws in the world, the response is incredulity. The Australian Family Association suggests that the church is “intimidated by the feminist rhetoric”.

The Victorian abortion law legalises abortion to occur at any time, even right up to birth. It allows inhumane partial-birth abortion. It also compels Victorian doctors to refer their patients to other doctors who will perform abortions despite their opinions on abortion. The personal conscience of Continue reading The Shocking Truth About Abortion in Australia