Carols at Hills

Carol's Flyer HBC

On 22 December at 6:00 pm will be the Hills Bible Church carols service (Carols at Hills). There will be congregational carols, items in song, Scripture readings, a message from God’s Word and supper after the service.

You are welcome to join us Sunday evening.

“Hallmark Christmas” and the Incarnation

Did you know that Jesus was born in a beautifully quiet, warm barn, in Northern Europe somewhere? I didn’t. But I could swear that this is precisely how we think about our Lord’s birth.

You see, when we enjoy our “Hallmark-Christmas“, everything is calm, warm and peaceful in the stable where Jesus was born.

“Away in a manger, no crib for a bed. The little Lord Jesus lays down his sweet head.”


No mention of the pain that Mary was surely still enduring after the birth, and no mention of the blood our baby Saviour was covered in when he was born.

“The cattle are lowing, the poor baby awakes. But little Lord Jesus, no crying he makes.”

No mention that the goats smell really terrible, and probably are bleating and breaking wind. No mention of cow dung. No mention of rodents which might Continue reading “Hallmark Christmas” and the Incarnation