Why does style and instrumentation in corporate singing matter?

Church music style and instrumentation

Answer: Because it’s not about style and instrumentation. Interestingly, two different blogs commented on the centrality of the singing in corporate worship, and how important it is that the congregation singing is the main game.

Firstly, T. David Gordon at Second Nature (HT: Carl Trueman):

‘Congregational praise is a commanded duty that can be audibly discerned; we should hear congregational praise when it is sung, and nothing else (choir, organ, marching band, bagpipe) should be permitted to obscure the thing that is commanded.’

Secondly, Justin Taylor quotes Piper and Smith at Between Two Worlds. Here’s Piper:

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Erotic Church Music

Erotic Church Music

As the person in charge of music ministry at Hills Bible Church, who, on occasion and entirely unsurprisingly, finds himself in the midst of minor controversy over corporate worship music, this quote doth sooth my soul.

“The influence of the erotic spirit is felt almost everywhere in evangelical circles. Much of the singing in certain types of meetings has in it more of romance than it has of the Holy Ghost. Both words and music are designed to rouse the libidinous. Christ is courted with a familiarity that reveals a total ignorance of who He is. It is not the reverent intimacy of the adoring saint but the impudent familiarity of the carnal lover.” – A. W. Tozer

I have been gifted a very nice set of Tozer books, which I plan to plow through at some stage, as he is eminently quotable, and always edifying. I do think that some of the confusion over corporate worship music in evangelicalism today could be clarified if we understood the difference between the adoration of our God and the adoration of our spouse or lover. This sort of confusion has only heightened in recent decades. While there are other very important issues at play in deliberations over music for worship, this one is highly prominent and very distracting. Indeed, God isn’t our boyfriend, and he will never be our boyfriend, no matter how many times we repeat the same line over and over during a song.


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How to Improve Your Pastor’s Preaching

Let’s face it – not every Pastor is a C.H. Spurgeon; that’s why they called him the “Prince of Preachers”. No, unfortunately, it takes effort to listen to some Pastors.

Here’s 10 hints to improve your Pastor’s preaching.

HINT #I –Take your Bible to church and follow along whilst it is being read and referenced by the Pastor. This is what the Bereans did in Acts 17:11.

HINT #II – Take a notebook to church and take notes as the Pastor preaches. Write down his main points with Scripture references. Write down the phrases he uses that you think are memorable, or touch your heart. This is worship. Remember, the reason for gathering together in our church services each week is to worship God. Preaching and listening to the message is perhaps the most important part of worship.

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