The Discontinuity of the Calvinistic Continuationist


As I said in my previous post, I have great respect and admiration for many Calvinistic Continuationists. My posts do not call into question the benefit some of these individuals are to the church, nor do I call into question their personal piety and godly example. My aim is to respond to the claim the Calvinists ought to be charismatic. I disagree with such a claim.

What is a continuationist? The continuationist believes that the miraculous gifts are still in operation in the church today. I must say, that I agree with Phil Johnson as he has observed that “it’s pretty hard to find a real continuationist.”[1] What he means by this is that an evangelical continuationist is a cessationist at some level. With the exception of extreme continuationists, they don’t think there are apostles around today who write Scripture. It is taught that this gift is no longer in operation. In this sense, there are not many true continuationists around. Continuationists believe some of the gifts have ceased or carry a different function from apostolic age.

In my view, the Charismatic Calvinist has gone beyond the sufficiency of Scripture by claiming there are ongoing revelations today that undermine the Calvinistic high view of Scripture and the sovereign work of the Holy Spirit. It is not within the scope of this post to discuss why I believe the gifts of apostleship, prophecy, tongues, healing and miracles are no longer operative today. However, by way of a brief comment I would say that the actual aforementioned spiritual gifts were real and beneficial, but they were foundational and confirmatory of the apostolic age. Continue reading The Discontinuity of the Calvinistic Continuationist

Calvinistic and Charismatic – Do they Mix?


There is a large and influential group who would be classed as Charismatic Calvinists (or reformed continuationists). There are many from this group who have been faithful in their proclamation of the gospel and have served as examples of Christian piety. For this I am thankful and grateful for what I continue to learn from them. However, the question I ask in this post is, can you be Calvinistic and Charismatic? I ask this question because there are those who preach that the reformed must be charismatic.

The Charismatic Calvinist is a novel combination that has come to most prominence in recent years. In fact, the majority of Calvinistic teachers in the history of the church have been cessationtionists (a cessationist believes that the miraculous gifts were limited to the early church).

What is Calvinism? Being a Calvinist goes beyond the embracing of the five points (TULIP – Total Depravity, Unconditional Election, Limited Atonement, Irresistible Grace and Perseverance of Grace). The five points are important (and Scriptural), but they are not all there is to Calvinism. Burk Parsons argues that Continue reading Calvinistic and Charismatic – Do they Mix?